• Leverelem
  • Tris-tras
  • Habaneira da fin
  • Pido talvez
  • Jota Gagarim
  • Tango sen paz
  • Je suis comme je suis
  • Meu pirinho
  • Menina
  • Seica
  • Tango do Fresco

Voice: Ugia Pedreira
Guitar: Marcos Teira
Diatonic accordion: Pedro Pascual
Clarinets: Pablo Pascual

Musical arrangements: Marful.

Collaborators: Xacobe Martínez (bass), Luis Alberto Rodríguez (drums and percusion), Xabier Díaz (chorus "Pido talvez"), Quim Farinha (violin and viola), João Balão (percusions), Guillermo Fernández (electric guitar "Pido talvez")


Je suis comme je suis

Marful nos propone una coctelera inspirada en los ritmos que sonaban entre los años 30 y 50 en los salones de baile y en los cafés cantantes. Una época musical marcada por los ritmos de tradición americana que cohabitaban con la música popular gallega y la canción melódica.

Marful proposes a cocktail inspired by the rhythms that sounded somewhere between 30 and 50 in the dance halls and cafes cantantes. A musical era marked by the rhythms of American tradition that coexisted with the Galician folk music and melodic song. Elegant music for some personal letters, current and humorous letters female done by herself and writers Ugia Anxo Pedreira Quintela, Ricardo Carvalho Calero, Olga Nogueira, Manolo Pipes or French Jacques Prévert.

The interest in musical expression of these decades of social change and the convergence between rural and urban music this proposal Marful stained getting a particular interpretation of the music-flavored Galician ports, houses of Indians, American emigration ...

Twist, tango, habanera and Pasadoble marfuliano up this particular universe, with a stage show that gets the excitement on the thread of ambiguity with an irreverent style.

Pedreira Ugia Marful with front and Pedro Pascual (diatonic accordion), Pablo Pascual (bass clarinet) and the flamenco guitarist Marcos Teira present their first album, a project that has opened new windows on the current music of Galicia. Three great musicians and a moving voice-known and recognized for their individual artistic careers, come together on a disc inspired by the dance cards with a distinct contemporary vocation.

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