producciones efímeras (ephemeral productions) is built day by day from 2004 to much time, a great friendship and good intentions.

appears -at first- to produce and edit quality artistic works of authors who are considered necessary.

intended to edit, also, the same quality and care that the designers have been developing their work.

the intention is to support the author, not martyred, and provide a meeting place with those with an interest conscious works, reading and listening.

efímeras shows special interest in helping and social impact of the work, so all-in gains if any, are for projects that try to help, eradicate social injustice, and convey in his work that the logic of life is another.

ours are ephemeral productions, so it can happen.


clouds sometimes go...

clouds to stop and listen...

to dwell on them,
arise on any given day,
pure steam distilled by time...

nunca se sabe a ciencia cierta si habrá o no habrá nubes,
pero miras arriba y allí están,
con cierto aire de familia,
pero todas diferentes...

you never know for sure whether or not there will be clouds,
but towards the top and there are,
with certain family,
but all different...

look like usual, but sound different.

(how boring would the sky always blue,
unable to hear the clouds as they pass...)


efímeras clouds are musical editions.

digipack format with three bodies,
graphic printed on cardboard 350 grs.
four-color + uv-gloss ink
we like to highlight certain details using graphic or photographic ..

there is an informative booklet on the inside,
which has the intention of the project,
and some road trips...

sometimes it has in several languages
because the clouds -you know- cross the countries ...

are delivered carefully wrapped,
clouds are very special ...

other clouds

and other clouds sometimes go...

other clouds to stop and see...

to dwell on them,
arise on any given day,
pure steam distilled by time...

are those clouds that you take home,
recorded in the retina,
other clouds to come back for his eyes,
again and again...

like the rest of the clouds,
you never know when they appear.
are the other clouds.

the ideal -our ideal- is to spend as we see them.

(suddenly one day -you do not know exactly why -
discover that there is another cloud on the table..
and has decided to stay a while...)


efímeras other clouds are graphic editions.

formats will be very varied,
because that's what other clouds ...
are also clouds, but different.

magic boxes, books, notebooks...
unique collections saved clouds...

gathered in the skies over here and there,
clouds are like next door, but others.

although they are involved with the same care.

The first of these other clouds shaped box.
or is a box with 80 clouds of "particular colors".

watercolor clouds? box of clouds?...

all clouds have names
like watercolors.

producciones efímeras